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We are extremely excited to announce Film Talk 2010, to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, December 4th. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and gain momentum for your projects or career in any aspect of film, television, or new media, then mark December 4th on your calendar RIGHT NOW because this is a day you do not want to miss.

What is Film Talk?

Film Talk is a full day conference that features a series of lectures, collaborative discussions, and promotional and networking opportunities for the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana film communities.  A panel of SIX industry professionals, each with different experiences and specialties, will share the information that has allowed them to excel in the business of film, television commercials, and new media.

Who is on the panel and what topics will be covered?

The day will be divided into four sessions, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m.  Your full day pass allows you to attend all the sessions throughout the day.

Session 1-  Camera Technology

How do you know what kind of camera to purchase or rent?  How do you make decisions based upon mobility, quality, maintenance, crew and equipment, and speed?  How do these cameras impact your work flow?  What tricks can be used to achieve a professional look on a low budget?   Veteran cinematographer Jeff Barklage has shot just about everything on just about everything.  Film Talk will kick off with a very cool RED camera system tutorial.  The RED camera system has caught Hollywood as well as indie filmmakers by storm.  Come see why.

Barklage will be joined by writer/director/editor Michael Maney.   Maney will be discussing his experiences with other cameras such as the micro-budget indie favorite Panasonic as well as the hot off the press Canon 7d.  Maney will also be discussing how these cameras affect post-production as well as how each can be utilized for different distribution channels.   Maney is the writer/director of the award winning short film “Meth” as well as one of the top commercial editors in the area.  This session is a must for cinematographers, directors, producers, and editors.

Session 2- Pre-Production and Principal Photography

What goes on during pre-production and why is extensive pre-production vital?  What can actors expect on indie film projects from directors/producers and vice versa?  What goes through the mind of a director during an audition?  When on set, what separates a professional production from an amateur one?  These are some of the questions that will be covered in our second session.

This session will feature Kentucky’s own Jason Epperson.  Epperson landed on the Hollywood film scene in a big way after winning runner up on Steven Spielberg’s nationally televised show, “On the Lot.” Epps has been making stuff happen in his home state ever since.  His recently completed first feature film Unrequited stars “Twilight’s” Michael Welch and will be available in the near future.  If you’re an actor, director, or producer, it’s time to introduce yourself.

Session 3:  Development- The Essential Toolkit

When is your script ready for production?  How can you increase the chances your project gets funded?  What paperwork and processes need to be completed before you even think about shooting?  What can investors expect?  Session 3 will focus on script development, how to write a winning film proposal, creating top sheet budgets, investment agreements, and protecting yourself and your investors.

Writer/Director/Producer David Donnelly has acquired financing for a feature as well as a film series in dire economic times, come see why Donnelly is convinced NOW is the best possible time to make an independent film and how to leverage the current state of the economy to your advantage with investors.  If you haven’t had success getting your projects funded, don’t blame external circumstances, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.  This is a necessity for writers, directors, and producers.  Joining Donnelly in this session will be filmmaker E.E. Charlton-Trujillo of Pinata productions, who will be discussing making the most out of a micro-budget.

Also speaking in this session is attorney Robert N. Mendelsohn.  Mendelsohn ( maintains a diverse and unique law practice that includes entertainment law.  Mendelsohn will be speaking on what every filmmaker needs to know to protect themselves as well as how to properly structure your production.

Session 4:  The Future of Distribution

What can a filmmaker expect from a distributor?  Why should you create a distribution strategy before you think about getting financing?  The release of the new Macbook Pro confirms the suspicions of techy’s everywhere.  The optical drive will soon be dead.  Streaming media and digital downloads are the future, if not already the present. Netflix and Redbox kick Blockbuster to the curb?  Who would’ve guessed?  With every crisis, comes opportunity, and this climate is making it easier than ever for an independent filmmaker to get distribution.

Join Michael Katchman and Terry Lukemire for an informative session on how to take advantage of distribution trends and what you must know about distribution before you ever turn on a camera.  Katchman has been in distribution for over 30 years with executive positions at powerhouses like Lionsgate, MGM, Orion, and First Look Entertainment before starting his own distribution company, Rivercoast Films.

Lukemire has been a part of the thriving Barking Fish Entertainment for years before directing the recently released, highly anticipated documentary “4192: Crowning of the Hit King.”  The Pete Rose documentary has already received a series of rave reviews and is being distributed by Katchman’s Rivercoast outfit.   If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for your film to be in theaters, come and learn what it takes to get there and what to expect during your journey.

Session 5:  Relax, it’s just a mixer

By this time, you’ve spent the whole day drowned in excitement and are likely exhausted.  It’s time to join some of the panel and other attendees for some R and R and good conversation.

How do I register?

To purchase your all day or half day pass for this event, visit  Full day passes gain you complete access throughout the day.  Half day passes allow you to choose 2 of the four workshops being offered.  Seating is limited, so get your seat now.  Contact us at with any questions.  More information including location and session details will be emailed to attendees before the event.

With your support and enthusiasm, we hope to make this a QUARTERLY EVENT that can benefit and help unite the Midwest film community in a whole new way.  Through open collaboration, hard work, and a support system of passionate, like minded people, we can show this area why a thriving film community is just as essential as dance, theater, and music.

Where will it be held?

Film Talk 2010 will take place at the Jack Fisher Studios in Hamilton.  What better place to hold a film conference than in a studio!

239 S. Edgewood Ave
Hamilton, OH, 45013


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